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Our Kaolins

Image de Stijn te Strake


Our kaolins are sedimentary clays coming from the Charentes Basin in France.

These clays are naturally free of asbestos, crushed and dried.

Also known as kaolinitic clays, they come in the form of a white to grey fine powder.

Image de Peter Lloyd

Our kaolins are registered under n°E 559, in the binding and anti-caking agents family.

Their usual incorporation rate ranges from 1 % to 5%.  

There are no limits for their use, and they can be employed for all animal species, without age limit.

They can be used in any food (premix, whole food…)
They are also a component of draining elements.

Animal Nutrition and Production


In order to protect plants, our kaolins coming from the Charentes Basin, in Western France, are heat-treated or calcined.

They meet the standard NF U44-551 – mineral growth medium, and are usable in organic farming under EC Regulation 834/2007.


Plant Protection

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