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Azomite ®

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Azomite® is a natural volcanic ash rich in mineral and trace elements.


This lava rock is a component of the formulations intended for animal and plant nutrition as part of a traditional and/or organic production system.


- Granulated mineral fertilizers

- Granulated organic fertilizers

- Blended dry fertilizers

- Trace elements pack

- Blended foliar and liquid fertilizers

- Potting soils

- Biostimulant carriers

- Compost activators

- Seed treatments

- Granulated fertilizers with coating


Use in Plant Nutrition

Particle sizes

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All species :

- Technological additive 1 m 558 i in compound food or premix

- Food additive carriers

- Active component facilitating granulation


Performance :

- Feed conversion ratio

- Breast meat yield

-  Average daily weight

- Egg-laying duration / eggshell

Physiology :

- Stress tolerance

- Immune response

- Ca et P absorption


Use in Animal Nutrition

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